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BMW and Mercedes using HERE HD maps

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BMW Group has announced it will switch on HD Live Map, what HERE Technologies calls its pioneering map for self-driving cars in future models capable of highly automated driving.

This is the first commercial contract HERE has signed with an automaker to bring HD Live Map into production models, and will be featured in BMW models from the beginning of the next decade.

HERE says it is “at the forefront of leveraging artificial intelligence to produce the mapping solutions needed for autonomous driving, enhancing the safety and comfort for drivers and passengers”.

Meanwhile Daimler and HERE Technologies have teamed up to make HERE HD Live Map an integral part of Daimler’s autonomous driving technology, “laying the ground work for upcoming generations of highly automated and autonomous Mercedes-Benz vehicles with the benefits of HD Live Map on board.”

“Previously, HERE map data has been in several models of BMW cars,” the company explains in a blog post. “Those maps are the perfect solution for navigation while a human is at the wheel, but to get the accuracy needed for Level 3 and Level 4 autonomous driving, you need a precision navigation system that can locate your car accurately within a matter of centimetres.”

Regarding the work with Daimler, it writes, “Advanced onboard sensors for vehicles help identify both the interior condition of a car, as well as the exterior environment. To accompany that data, GPS adds the car’s location to create a clearer picture.  However, that’s not quite enough for the next level of autonomous features.”


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