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Bedfordshire considering “zero tolerance” to speeding on M1

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It’s reported Bedfordshire Police is considering using ANPR cameras to monitor the speed of all traffic on its stretch of the M1, and issue tickets for all that break the speed limit.

However the Telegraph says that it’s not being introduced for safety reasons, but to fill a £1m gap in funding through speeding fines.

It claims anyone doing even one mile per hour over the 70 mph limit will be fined.

The report says county’s Police and Crime Commissioner Olly Martin wants the scheme up and running by April next year and that he says people who aren’t happy with his idea “can always stick to the speed limit”.

At the moment the cameras are only used to enforce speed when variable limits are in operation.

The idea hasn’t gone down well with all motoring organisations.  The Telegraph quotes Steve Gooding, director of the RAC Foundation, said: “We have total sympathy with cash-strapped constabularies, but no sympathy with forces explicitly setting out to raise money from cameras.  We support the proportionate use of cameras for safety reasons but this step would fan the fury of millions of sceptical motorists who already suspect that some of them are only there to raise revenue.”

And Claire Armstrong, co-founder of Safe Speed, told the paper: “When the attitude of the police is to enforce on the basis of funding their force, then we have lost all sight of road safety.”


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