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Avis chooses Amazon for connected car solution

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The car rental company Avis Budget has announced its plan to leverage Amazon Web Services’s Connected Vehicle Solution to build what it calls its “cutting edge” data analytics platform.

It says working with AWS provides highly secure and scalable cloud services for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Management to develop a wide variety of connected vehicle applications and mobility services.

“Our connected car data is manufacturer agnostic, meaning we have the ability to analyse data across makes and models, and our worldwide footprint gives us access to all corners of the globe,” said Arthur Orduña, chief innovation officer, Avis Budget Group. “The platform we built leveraging AWS’s connected vehicle solution gives us advanced data management and scalable analytics capabilities for our connected car platform. We now have the ability to scale up based on demand and our data is backed by AWS’s software and massive infrastructure, so we have access to new insights-driven tools, storage resources, and first-class security.”

Avis Budget believes connected car data gives it a significant opportunity to streamline operations and reduce costs, by using things like real-time inventory counts, mileage management and automated maintenance notification. It says connected car data also allows for more sophisticated tracking of idle vehicles and automated processing of cars ready to rent and that AWS supports its initiative with “worldwide consistency across the operating system, programming language, web application platform, database, and other services needed.”

It adds that AWS’s focus on security will “also ensure the integrity and protection of connected car data and other data sets to be stored by Avis Budget Group, a critical component for the continued growth of the global Internet of Things market”.

“For public and private organisations who choose to partner with Avis Budget Group down the road, we’ll be able to provide access to anonymised connected car data through our connected vehicle platform with the support of AWS,” added Orduña. “This could help create future vehicle innovation, new products, and services for connected travellers and inform smart city planning, like road condition and traffic volume data.”

Avis Budget Group currently has more than 100,000 connected cars globally and has committed to a fully connected fleet by 2020.


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