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Automatic fines for drivers who ignore smart motorway signs

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British automotive services company RAC says that automatic fines are to be issued to drivers who ignore smart motorway warning signs. 

RAC says that points will also be added to drivers licence’s if they fail to acknowledge signs on smart motorways.

Police will have the power to punish those who drive in closed lanes on smart motorways, under Home Office legislation being brought in from June 10.

New traffic cameras will catch drivers using lanes marked with red ‘X’ signs, with offenders facing a £100 fine and three penalty points.

RAC head of roads policy Nicholas Lyes welcomes the move, adding that RAC research shows too many motorists still ignore red X signs, whether deliberately or not.

Currently motorists who incorrectly use these closed lanes only face a fine if caught by a police officer, but that will soon change.

Highways England, the organisation which runs the country’s main routes, says the new cameras are likely to be operational from later this summer.


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