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Automated driving project “delivering great results”

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The head of the British automated driving validation project Move_UK says the project is delivering great results to help the industry validate driverless technologies.

Lead Project Manager of MOVE_UK at Bosch, Simon Morley, says validation and testing is critical and takes so much time before products can get to market, with the trend to more sensors and data meaning validation is becoming more challenging because we are “being flooded by data”.

Move_UK has been collecting data from five Land Rover vehicles driving the streets of the Royal Borough of Greenwich in southeast London and one of the project’s innovations is only to gather data when it is deemed necessary, such as during a manoeuvre or sharp braking.

Morley explained to SMART Highways that Connected Validation involves, “A connected approach – We collect data from sensors on the vehicle and that data is transferred real time to the Cloud which means we can analyse it much more quickly. We are recording the data when there are events – we have been defining the events such as braking or manoeuvring and recording the data specific to those events and in doing so reducing the amount of the data we need to trawl through.”

This, he added means that the project is collecting much smaller quantities of data because they are targetting what data is collected – that is only data that is highly relevant.

This has allowed the project to understand better how drivers normally follow other vehicles. Conditions of particular interest are the gaps maintained between vehicles, including at what speeds and their duration. The intention is that this information can help to understand how to make autonomous driving more comfortable.

The project is running until July 2019.

The full report can be read here.


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