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Australia looking at camera enforcement of driver phone use

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Authorities in Australia are considering introducing what’s being called “game-changing” automated camera technology to identify drivers who use their mobile phone while driving.

The RAC reports that the state of New South Wales has approved a range of new powers targeting the problem of phone use behind the wheel.

Earlier this year, two police officers were critically injured when a driver became distracted by his phone and crashed into them.  In response, the Parliament of New South Wales approved the new cameras as part of a wider road safety initiative. Under new legislation, both existing speed cameras and specialised new cameras will be allowed to detect mobile phone use by drivers.

The technology will initially be introduced on a trial basis, but is eventually expected to become permanent and country-wide.

Backing the move, the RAC in the United Kingdom is now urging enforcement agencies there to look into what role the technology could play in the battle against reckless driving.


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