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Atkins lists 2015 Intelligent Mobility highlights

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Smart Highways editorial board member Lee Woodcock has listed what Atkins thinks are Intelligent Mobility’s highlights for 2015.

On his LinkedIn group, the highlights are:

  • Google’s Driverless Cars reach one million miles – Google’s self-driving car project reached this milestone having driven the equivalent of 75 years of typical American adult driving
  • TfL reaches one million contactless payments per day – TfL reached this milestone just six months after launching contactless payments in September 2014
  • Apple, Microsoft and Google connect the car – these tech giants have announced their forthcoming “connected car” platforms, bringing the functionality of mobile devices right to the car’s centre console
  • Uber completes on billion rides – for context, it took the Internet ten years to reach one billion users
  • Door to Door with Zipcar – In April, Zipcar partnered with French National Rail operator SNCF, integrating its “door to door” mobility service allowing train travellers to pick up a Zipcar service anywhere
  • India’s entire railway goes digital – In 2015 the Indian Government announced it would be investing £88n to transform their railways digitally

Next, asks Lee to the group, which numbers more than 1,500 industry professionals, what are your predictions for 2016?


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