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Atkins calls for “customer-centric” intelligence

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Atkins has launched its latest report on journey management in which it encourages the use of ‘customer-centric’ intelligence to build integrated mobility solutions and calls on private and public sector to share trusted, actionable data to remedy costly transport challenges.

In the UK, it is suggested that over £1 million is wasted when as little as 10 percent of commuters are delayed by half an hour due to congestion or accidents on the network.  A further £500,000 a day is lost when 25% of all commuters are delayed by five minutes due to a lack of information, travel options and ticketing or payment issues.

The report, From transport to mobility – introducing multimodal transport, addresses the importance of having a clear understanding of the needs, preferences and behaviours of people and businesses.

Despite the rise in travel information platforms, customers are still receiving fragmented information about their journeys based on specific modes.  Journey management is focused on exploiting digitalisation and data in a controlled and unified manner to create a more dynamic and transparent system that reduces congestion and provides a frictionless service.

Dr John McCarthy, Atkins’ technical director and author of the report, commented, “Transformational solutions are critical to meeting the transport challenges of today. But it is not just about today, as technology rapidly evolves, the sector must be at the forefront of innovation. Congestion, disconnected systems and a lack of information have negatively impacted on our communities and wellbeing. Journey management solutions will create an opportunity for intelligent connectivity using personalised, stress-free mobility solutions”.

The report further suggests that in addition to customer experience, journey management is characterised by the ability to:

  • Turn data into information;
  • Capitalise on innovation;
  • Draw on the fundamentals of network optimisation;
  • Strengthen new business models; and
  • Adopt mobile interoperable dynamic ticketing

This report forms the basis of the Atkins Investigation in the forthcoming issue of Smart Highways.


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