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APT Skidata launches new generation parking payment terminal

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The parking parking technology company APT Skidata has launched “skiosk Smart ‘Parking'”, a cashless payment kiosk with interactive touchscreen display that it says is redefining the customer and operator experience, and creating a new class of payment terminal. 

The joint venture between SWARCO and Skidata says the solution is designed to help car park operators expand their current business model.  skiosk Smart ‘Parking’ provides users and operators with multiple payment options, supporting both barcode and RFID reading technologies. The handling of banknotes and coins can also be accommodated, thus maximising customer choice.

“At the heart of the new system is a 10.4 inch touchscreen display in full HD colour (a 21.5 inch display is also available as an option), providing customers with clear and simple information and operating instructions and a split-screen function to enable operators to sell advertising space,” the company says. “This not only gives them an additional source of income, but also allows them to add further value to the customer journey by targeting specific promotions that are appropriate to their visit.

“A particular innovation is that the screen can be adjusted to different heights to accommodate varying customer needs and those with varying levels of mobility. The coin slot is also in a more accessible position, and a special amplifier links to AFILS-compatible hearing aids to provide improved intelligibility and sound quality.

“A further innovation is the incorporation of a modern barcode scanner that enables customers who have purchased their parking online to print out and pick up their tickets onsite at the skiosk. Providing a ‘self-service’ option is proven not only to be convenient for customers, but also car park operators in simplifying the parking journey.”


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