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Apple “rethinking driverless strategy”

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It’s reported that Apple has laid off a number of staff who were working on its project to produce a driverless car, amidst rumours that it is changing direction to concentrate on the underlying technology.

The Apple Insider website bases its story on a New York Times article which quotes sources familiar with the company’s plans.

It says Apple’s autonomous vehicle initiative, dubbed internally as Project Titan, is “getting a reboot” in which, instead of designing and producing a full-fledged self-driving car, the company will focus to work on backbone autonomous vehicle technology.

The Titan team was at one time said to number more than a thousand, including workers pulled in from other departments and specialists poached from automotive industry heavyweights.

Rumours of Project Titan began last year with AppleInsider saying the project was being run out of a top-secret facility in California, but that executives became unhappy with its slow progress last autumn.


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