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Anti-speed camera campaigns “frustrating” – expert

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A Director of Jenoptik UK, formerly Vysionics, has admitted that it’s frustrating for the business that speed cameras continue to be criticised when they do a proven job of improving road safety.

Geoff Collins was talking to Smart Highways editor Paul Hutton about a paper he’s given at the ITS European Congress in Glasgow about the A9 project in Scotland which features the UK’s longest ANPR-monitored average speed corridor.

In the interview he explains how there has been a significant reduction in the numbers of killed and seriously injured people on the road since the system was introduced around a year and a half ago.  But despite this there are some people who still try to find data referring to very small sections of the overall road where numbers may not have changed, and try to spin this to suggest the system is not working.

In the interview, Collins also talks about the rebrand from Vysionics to Jenoptik and confirms that it will not have an operational effect on day-to-day UK work.

You can hear this fascinating interview here:

Picture, Geoff Collins discussing ANPR average speed camera technology on the Jenoptik stand

Darren Gregory

I think that the whole driving standards in this country need to be overhauled, I would estimate that amoungst the miliions of drivers that you could cut half of the cars on the road. This would be due to uninsured, unlicenced, or plain dangerous, ignorant drivers.
Speeding is not all that contributes to accidents, I would say more than a third of drivers are not upto a good standard of driving, let alone knowing some or a lot of the highway code.
If it was down to me I think that you should hold a motorbike licence before you can apply for a car licence, then you would certainly weed out the poor drivers, also even able to drive a car you should then be tested every 5 years.
I see theses cameras as a good way to calm speeders, however it only pushes them to speed on local roads, making up lost time.
Since the introduction of car cams, this would be serve as evidence to prosecute bad drivers I see on a day to day basis, for example running through red lights, or driving with a mobile phone.
Its about time this country wakes up and removes dangerous drivers!