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American drivers warming to driverless cars

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American drivers are beginning to embrace self-driving vehicles, according to a new study from AAA.

Its annual survey say that that 63% of those surveyed report feeling afraid to ride in a fully self-driving vehicle, although this is a significant decrease from 78% in early 2017.

Millennial and male drivers are the most trusting of autonomous technologies, with only half reporting they would be afraid to ride in a self-driving car.

The company says that, to ensure that American drivers continue to be informed, prepared and comfortable with this shift in mobility, manufacturers should prioritise consumer education.

“Americans are starting to feel more comfortable with the idea of self-driving vehicles,” AAA Automotive Engineering and Industry Relations Director Greg Brannon said. “Compared to just a year ago, AAA found that 20 million more U.S. drivers would trust a self-driving vehicle to take them for a ride.”

While riding in a fully self-driving vehicle is a futuristic concept for most, testing of these vehicles in the United States means that sharing the road with an automated vehicle is an increasing near-term possibility. In this situation, drivers remain concerned about self-driving vehicles. In AAA’s survey, only 13% of drivers report that they would feel safer sharing the road with a self-driving vehicle while nearly half (46%) would actually feel less safe.


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