American driverless cars “can’t spot iconic British vehicles” | Smart Highways Magazine: Industry News

American driverless cars “can’t spot iconic British vehicles”

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Driverless cars developed in the US could be a safety risk in the UK because they don’t recognise vehicles such as London’s black cab or red double-decker bus.

The Daily Telegraph reports that engineers have noticed that the autonomous cars made in Silicon Valley are currently using cameras and software that have only been trained on pictures and videos of American vehicles, meaning they won’t detect unique vehicles with more district styles, such as the Routemaster bus and Hackney taxi.

It says that this has led UK scientists and politicians to raise questions over companies like Google and Uber, who have been developing their own autonomous technology, being able to test driverless cars in Britain.

Michael Pound, a professor of AI and neural networks at The University of Nottingham, told the newspaper, “This is a definite safety concern, in another setting a failure of AI not noticing unseen data might hardly be life threatening, but what about when the network is controlling a 3 tonne vehicle travelling at 60mph?”

The report adds that some MPs have called for the issue to be addressed before any US cars get anywhere close to roads in the UK.


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