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AlcoSense personal breathalyser now in Halfords

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The personal breathalyser manufacturer AlcoSense’s new sub-£100 product is now on sale in leading motoring chain Halfords, in time for the Christmas season.

The product is aimed at helping drivers avoid being over the limit the morning after a night out by promoting self-enforcement.

The company says the AlcoSense Excel is the first breathalyser under £100 to use a smaller version of exactly the same sensor used in several UK Police-approved breathalysers, which it says brings “a new level of accuracy and reliability for drivers at this price.”

“On average it takes one hour to process one unit of alcohol from the body but this is an average and people can process alcohol at a quicker or slower rate depending on metabolism, food intake and a number of other factors.  It’s easier than you might think to have residual alcohol in your system the morning after the night before, and at one-eighth of the English drink drive limit your 37% more likely to be involved in an accident.  Our products give users the tools to make an informed decision, avoiding potentially fatal guesswork.

“The only way to tell when you’re safe to drive the morning after the night before is either to abstain completely from drinking alcohol or to use an accurate personal breathalyser.  The AlcoSense Excel gives detailed readings all the way up through the range so you can tell exactly when you are clear”.

Smart Highways editor Paul Hutton will be testing the unit during the Christmas period for a feature on self-enforcment in the next issue of the magazine published early next year.


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