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Aggregates used to treat iced roads and pavements

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Quarries across the UK are once again supplying fine aggregates to local authorities to treat iced roads and pavements.

Quarry grit was the traditional method of dealing with snow and ice before the use of salt became commonplace. Although it does not melt ice in the same way as salt, it is ideal for providing grip on slippery surfaces.

British Aggregates Association director Robert Durward said: “Spreading quarry grit will prevent accidents and reduce pressure on stocks of salt. For this reason we have also re-issued the database of BAA companies in a position to assist.”

It is also possible to use farm machinery to spread the grit meaning that many more roads and pavements can be treated than would otherwise be possible. Quarry grit has no adverse effect on the environment and can be recycled once the ice and snow have melted.


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