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Aggregate Industries workers to wear latest PPE

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Road workers working on behalf of Aggregate Industries will wear a new range of high visibility personal protective equipment (PPE) supplied by Fhoss.

Based in Scotland, both the asphalt and highways divisions of Aggregate Industries have purchased the battery-powered workwear for their on-site workers, to allow them to be more visible when working during the hours of darkness.

Unlike traditional reflective tape, which works by reflecting off an additional light source, Fhoss’s patented technology allows workers to be lit up without the need for ambient light.

Danny Taggart, site manager of the Scottish asphalt division at Aggregate Industries, said: “When wearing Fhoss, it is really noticeable just how much the boys on the ground stand out in the dark. Unfortunately, there are always going to be some areas of our site where ambient light is not present. However, with Fhoss, this doesn’t matter. When wearing their jackets, my men can be seen at all times, with or without the presence of an additional light source and from a good distance away.

“At Aggregate Industries, the health and safety of our men is of utmost importance to us and investment in this technology is crucial if it means that our men are going to be safer on site and better protected against potential accidents. We are delighted to be early adopters of this technology.”

Garry Fitzpatrick, road surfacing supervisor for the Scottish division at Aggregate Industries, added: “Fhoss Technology allows our workers to be seen at all times in total darkness, which is unlike any PPE I’ve ever seen. While our workspaces are generally very safe, unfortunately, there are external hazards that are sometimes out of our control. For example, on our highways sites, you never know when a vehicle is going to disregard the traffic management system set up and enter our workspace. Any way that we can light ourselves up and protect ourselves from these hazards is something we need to take very seriously. Knowing that our men are lit up from every angle and in total darkness gives us all piece of mind.”

Andy Kimitri, CEO of Fhoss Technology, said: “It is great news that Aggregate Industries is buying into our technology and seeing the benefits of Fhoss PPE. There is no doubt that workers are safer when wearing Fhoss, and it is really encouraging to see more and more companies purchasing our products, making for safer outdoor environments in the UK and beyond.”


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