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Agency plea over road worker safety

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The Highways Agency has renewed its plea to drivers to take extra care and obey speed limits at roadworks as the Government invests extra funds in infrastructure schemes.

Eight road workers have been killed in the last three years while improving and maintaining the strategic road network in England.

The agency said there are many near misses as members of the public drive through coned off areas or collide with works vehicles.

Roads Minister Stephen Hammond said: “It is absolutely essential that all road users play their part when driving through roadworks, and keep within the signed speed limit.

“Those few seconds you might save by travelling too fast could cost lives.”

Derek Turner, Director of Network Delivery and Development for the Highways Agency, said: “Road workers do a difficult and dangerous job carrying out vital work to keep our roads safe and well-maintained.

“But they face danger every day while working close to fast moving traffic, in all weather conditions, and often at night.

“Speed limits, cones, and narrow lanes are there to keep road users safe, as well as provide a safe area for workers – often enabling us to keep roads open while essential work takes place.

“These measures smooth out the flow of traffic, give drivers more warning of hazards and reduce the risk of collisions involving road users and workers.”

To reduce the risk of incidents, drivers approaching roadworks are asked to:

* Keep within the speed limit – it is there for your safety.
* Get into the correct lane in good time – don’t keep switching lanes.
* Concentrate on the road ahead, not the roadworks.
* Be alert for works traffic leaving or entering roadworks.
* Keep a safe distance – there could be queues in front.
* Observe and comply with all signs – they are there to help you.
* And be alert for road workers, the roads are their workplace.


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