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A4128 still the most improved road in the UK

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The A4128 in Buckinghamshire has once again been recognised as this year’s most improved road in the UK, according to the ‘Measuring to Manage’ EuroRAP 2013 report produced by the Road Safety Foundation.

The 11km stretch of single carriageway leading from Great Missenden to the north and High Wycombe to the south first took the top spot in the 2011 results and has retained its title in this year’s findings published in October 2013.

The report states: “Over the two survey periods the route has moved from one of the highest risk with a medium-high risk (red) rating in 2002-2006 to one of the safest, rated low-medium (yellow) risk in 2007-2011. During this time the number of fatal and serious crashes dropped by 87% from 31 to four. No fatal crashes occurred in the second data period. While improvement was seen in all major crash types, crashes at junctions were cut by 91% and those involving vehicles running off the road were eliminated.”

Buckinghamshire County Council has undertaken a number of measures to improve safety since 2004 and have implemented a review of speed limits, improved road signs and enhancement of markings to maximise visibility at night and during wet conditions. A key contributor in these improvements in safety and year on year statistics has been the installation of Astucia SolarLite active road studs on this notoriously dangerous stretch of road.

The installation of the road studs means road users have increased visibility of each lane and changes in the road layout ahead, so that sharp bends, dips, hills and other changes in the landscape are clearly defined in their natural line of sight substantially before this would normally be seen in the vehicle’s headlight beam.

Nick Lanigan, managing director at Clearview Traffic Group, said: “The studs were installed on this stretch of the A4128 in Buckinghamshire in 2006 and to see that the installation is still a success today is testament to the sustainability and robustness of this product when compared to other safety measures, such as road signs, retro reflective studs and white lining.”


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