70% put off buying keyless cars over security fears | Smart Highways Magazine: Industry News

70% put off buying keyless cars over security fears

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A new survey of motorists has found seven out of ten would “think twice” before buying a keyless car in order to avoid being a target for car hackers.

The TRACKER survey of five hundred motorists was in response to recent reports suggesting a widely-used electronic security device designed to prevent car thefts could easily be disabled by criminals.

Some car security devices can be vulnerable to ‘close-range wireless communication’ attacks, which clones a key’s built-in immobilisers.  This means cars can be unlocked remotely, without their owners’ knowledge.

“Tens of thousands of cars are vulnerable to thieves using electronic devices,” comments Andy Barrs, Police Liaison Officer at TRACKER.  “This method relates to the microchips embedded in vehicle keys, whereby the thieves intercept and copy the signal emitted by the key to start the car.  The fact that so many of our customers confirm they still have both sets of keys when their vehicle is stolen suggests that electronic key cloning could have taken place.



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