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Ventura project in Bristol area underway – audio

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The Atkins autonomous vehicle pilot in the Bristol region has been given the go-ahead, and the company is promising it’ll be a “multi-faceted approach.”

Atkins is leading the Ventura project is trialling autonomous vehicles in Bristol and South Gloucestershire to explore the feasibility of driverless cars in the UK.

It aims to help the country develop a market-leading capability and independent test site for the vehicles.

“There’s an appetite we believe globally for an urban test site to test the connectivity and validate a lot of the requirements that are needed,” said technical director – intelligent mobility, Dr John McCarthy in an interview with Smart Highways editor Paul Hutton.

“We came to it from a user perspective – what does it mean from a legal view, the insurance view, how does that all culminate in getting a deployment on the street – and then working back from that do we have the technology that allows that to take place.”

The project seeks expertise from across the board, including insurance, legal and technology experts, educational establishments and even the Williams Formula 1 team.

Atkins says it wants to be an “early market mover” to grow a significant global business in intelligent mobility and has invested in a sizeable team to achieve this, led by Smart Highways editorial board member Lee Woodcock.

“There’s a global appetite for this and positioning the UK as a thought leader and as a leader in the validation, the technology side of it as well,” Dr John adds.

You can hear the interview here:


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