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3D mapping used to survey a road in a day

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A 15km (10 mile) stretch of highway in the Australian state of Queensland has been accurately mapped in a day without the need to close the road or disrupt traffic in any way.

3D Laser Mapping,helped surveying specialist, NorthGroup Consulting, streamline the road’s upgrade using a multi-platform mapping system called ROBIN to survey the section of the Bruce Highway on the state’s east coast, providing a highly accurate 3D model of the entire road’s features and adjoining land, as well as the road surface itself.

Driving at the same speed as normal road traffic, NorthGroup says it was able to capture the data from the safety of the vehicle, with no detriment to other road users, in 7hrs and 45 minutes.

The data capture was successfully completed in one continual scan, without the challenges of having to complete repeated scanner set-ups to capture intersection crossings or other off-road features.

Upon completion of the project, NorthGroup says it was able to produce a dense point cloud with sub 10mm accuracy for the entire stretch of highway.


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