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Cycle detection system installed on road fleet

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Sentinel Systems has installed its side-scan cyclist detection system across a fleet of vehicles belonging to Commercial Hire company ND Brown.

The system gives all-round visibility to assist drivers with awareness of what is around them, eliminating blind spots.

It’s been retrofitted on many of its existing vehicles and is committing to install the system on all new vehicles in its fleet.


It allows the company to continue to provide vehicles for use within the London area as they comply with the new CrossRail regulations (which state that all vehicles entering the area must be installed with a cyclist protection system), and allow drivers to operate in congested areas without posing a threat to vulnerable cyclists, pedestrians or other road users.

Designed to detect cyclists within the blind spot of the vehicle, the intelligent system audibly warns the driver of the hazard allowing them to take caution when manoeuvring and in particular, turning left.  The system can also warn the cyclist that the vehicle is turning, to ensure that every possible measure is taken to prevent an accident from happening.

It also uses a recording unit to capture evidence of incidents such as accidents or theft.


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