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2015 was “transformational” for global transportation – Atkins

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The latest Atkins Investigation for Smart Highways magazine has examined the demand for Mobility as a Service, suggesting there is a significant growing market, thanks to technological innovation.

In the investigation, Atkins’s Director, Highways and Transportation, Lee Woodcock talked to four experts in the field, Daniel Chick of Zipabout and Graham Walter from IBM plus two of Atkins’s Technical Directors, Dr John McCarthy and Richard Bradley.

The investigation finds that the work that businesses like Zipabout, which is a data aggregation and communication platform for Intelligent Mobility, is already doing could be a “real catalyst for end to end and multi model propositions”, and matched with IBM’s experiences on data and learning from other sectors and we as an industry would be in a really strong position to delivery Mobility as a Service on scale.

Lee Woodcock says the innovation made 2015 “a transformational year for global transportation.”

Daniel Chick says, in order to deliver Maas, the intention should be “to provide a service which actively optimises capacity across the overall system and in order to do this you need to be fully engaged with all stakeholders including the customer, the Operators and government.”

However, there are challenges – how to unlock communication and collaboration between organisations and build an investment case that delivers outcomes for all sectors of society (not just those that live in cities) and increase the revenue potential (with the supporting business model) for the private sector.

Graham Walter believes that the decision of some authorities to provide the data for third-party app developers to use may need refining, “It will be important, certainly in the early stages that Authorities/Operators are engaged with the developer community to actually regain some influence on meeting their customer needs,” he said.

The investigation notes recent research by the Transport Systems Catapult in the UK highlighted some key statistics that are supporting the need to think differently when it comes to mobility, namely:

  • 75% of journeys are characterised by pain-points and 57% of travellers are always looking for ways to optimise their journeys
  • Overall, UK travellers today exhibit progressive attitudes and 57% of respondents would not mind sharing their personal data in order to get a better service.
  • UK travellers are increasingly connected (72% smartphone penetration) and more than half of smartphone users already consider it essential to their travel experience

You can read the details and findings of the investigation in the new Smart Highways which is currently being printed and will be distributed in the next few days.


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